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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After months of serious consideration of changing world circumstances we are pleased to offer you permanently the best of our actual tours in a virtual interactive format. Tours will be of about seventyfive minutes via Zoom with the help of Google Earth and a few additional short videos and Google artistic pictures.

The guides will be live from their homes but we will “show you around’ Rome using videos and pictures so that you will get an in person feeling as if you were here in person with us.

We have put a lot of thought into these tours on how to make them encouraging to all our brothers and sisters all around the world who would love to travel to Rome but know they can’t now or in the future because of the way the world is now and because of the uncertain future. We want all of us to keep going and strengthen our faith, especially now that we are at the doors of the Great Tribulation.


You can book the link for the streaming of the pre-registered virtual Tour, for the fixed price of 5 Euro, even if many people are watching it!

And so, the tour in streaming will be completely at your disposal up to 4 days. You can play, stop and watch it again as many times as you like up to 4 days.

You will no longer have problems with the time zone!


Otherwise you can ask to be put on the stand-by list for the first live zoom tour available! Live tour cost 5 euro per person, instead of device. Always free for youths up to 18 years and brothers and sisters in the special service.

In the live zoom tour, at the end of each tour of 75 minutes, there will be an extra 15-20 minutes for all those who want to stay to ask live questions and share in upbuilding conversations with the brothers and sisters present on Zoom with them.

All of our JW guides are mature Christians, busy and active in our organization and we all receive constant and regular training. We are professional certified tour guides in Rome with many years of experience.

Our goal is to share with as many people as possible the incredible Bible history that took place in our city which is considered to be one of the few living museums of the world.

All you need is a good Zoom connection preferably from a laptop or desktop instead of a smart phone for a more enjoyable experience. Also have your Bible, pen, paper and concentration ready and enjoy travelling from home.




5 Euro for each adult, for each live zoom tour!

5 Euro per device per tour if you get the virtual on demand!

No fee for youths up to 18 years!

No fee for brothers and sisters in the full time special service!
(co, bethelites, special pioneers etc.)

This fee help cover essential costs as: website, management of the reservations, mandatory taxes [go to Frequent Questions], zoom, paypal, transferwise and a compensation for the job of the tour guide.




1. Choose the tour

2. Make the payment of the fee: 5 euro through 

PAYPAL at the link

TRASNFERWISE ask for the account details at

3. After payment, within 24 hrs, you will automatically receive the link for the streaming at your disposal for 4 days


Here the list of our interactive tours


"Vatican between sacred and profane" 

Includes St. Peter Basilica, the secrets of its underground and an unforgettable virtual walk into the Sixtine Chapel, to see all the secret messages of Michelangelo behind his paintings!



Live Zoom Tour, available on request for groups of more than 25 adults.

"Bible in painting"

A selection of the best painting based on the Holy Scriptures from the Vatican pinacoteca, considered one of the most precious in the world.

And then, a virtual awesome walk inside the Raphael rooms. We will finish wit the discovery of the secret Bible of Raphael in the Lodgias of the Apostolic palace that is never open to the public!

And to finish the history of the Vatican Codex, on of the most precious Bible on earth!


Live Zoom Tour, available on request for groups of more than 25 adults.

"The Etruscans" in the Vatican Museums

A selection of amazing artifacts linked with the Bible from the Gregorian Etruscan section of the Vatican Museums.

We will discover through them the origin of: the name of the months, Christmas, Carnival, New Year, Monther's day, Trinity and the worship of Mary. The link between the ancient Babylon and the modern Babylon is here!


Live Zoom Tour, available on request for groups of more than 25 adults.

"The Egyptians" in the Vatican Museums

A virtual trip into the Egyptian section of the Vatican Museums discovering millennial artifacts confirming names and places mentioned in the Bible. Moreover through them we will discover the origin of: Easter, the pagan crosses, the doctrin of immortality and the doctrin of fire and the symbol of pharmacies.

How does Jehovah humiliated all pagan Gods and Goddess of Egypt?
How did Nineveh, the city of Jonah, look?

Come and see it!


Live Zoom Tour, available on request for groups of more than 25 adults.

The Caesars in the Bible

We will discover the faces of the Ceasars mentioned in the Bible and the most significant architectural traces designed by them in Rome.

And we will spoil which other emperors had a direct influence on the events of the New Testament.
And at the end a very interesting jump into the lifestyle of the Romans!


Live Zoom Tour, available on request for groups of more than 25 adults.


The best from our three and half hour in person tour, as described on our website. See what has made thousands of our brothers from all over the world fall in love with Rome!

Rome as looked in Paul's day!

Includes Appia way, Colosseum, Arch of Titus, Circus Maximus, Theater of Marcellus, Capitoline hill and Roman Forum.


Live Zoom Tour, available on request for groups of more than 25 adults.


The best from our three and half hour in person tour described on our website.

The most beautiful places in Rome designed by popes and cardinals. We will discover together their secrets and how each contributed to the slow disruption of the pure worship from the end of the first century until now!

Includes Venice square, Trevi fountain, Spanish steps, People square, Pantheon, Navona Square, Via del Corso and Campo dei fiori market.


Live Zoom Tour, available on request for groups of more than 25 adults.

The Divine Name in Rome
Isa 42:8 "I'm Jehovah and this is my name"

A virtual trip to see all the places where the Tetragrammaton of Rome are, in 10 different locations and to finish, an amazing dive into the history of the oldest obelisk of Rome in the middle of St. Peter's Square.. revealing the secret messages behind the architecture.



Live on Zoom - Saturday January 8th - mid-night CET TIME

In Italy we have only one time zone for all the country.
And is the same time zone of France, Spain and Germany. 
For your time zone look now at

Please keep checking for regular updates on our social media!

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